Update: Asterisk on Raspberry Pi

I had been successfully running Asterisk on a Raspberry Pi with an Obi110 interface to PSTN for about a year.  However, I recently switched back to a standard 1u rack mount server for the phone system.  The Raspberry Pi server was just fast enough to support asterisk with a SIP and PSTN outbound and several internal SIP clients but the SD card just wasn’t reliable enough.

Something, and I never found out what, was quite wonky with SD card, image, or Raspberry Pi itself for this particular server.  At various times it would stop working and fail to boot properly after power cycle.  Swapping out the SD card for a new one with the same image worked sometimes but sometimes I had to swap out the entire Pi for another one.

I was already sending {just about} all logs towards a centralized log server to prevent writes on the box itself.  In order to increase reliability my next step was to add a USB hub and an external hard drive for the root filesystem, relying on the SD card for boot only.  However, at that point I figured I was only going to create a mess of wires without being fully assured of increasing reliability all that much.  Now there would be two more points of failure (the USB hub and the external drive) thereby making recovery all the more difficult.

I was quite happy with the performance of the Pi for this purpose.  I wonder aloud if something like the Intel Galileo would fare better, if one could get asterisk running on the primary flash.  Regardless, it was a successful experiment.