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Perl to Python RSS Conversion

For quite some time, I’ve had my own personal homepage containing commonly used links, server status, subject lines of e-mails, and RSS news feeds.  Nothing exciting there.  The RSS feeds are retrieved by a program that runs every N minutes through cron and places the entries into a MySQL table.  Again, nothing exciting.  However, recently the Perl program that I’ve been using to retrieve the RSS has been consuming a bigger percentage of the available resources on the server.  More appropriately, the server on which the RSS retriever is hosted is more heavily utilized now thus when the RSS parser runs it became noticeable on the load average of server.

Of course, one way to solve it is to throw more hardware at it, like more CPU and RAM.  However, that would be too easy.  Instead I threw together a python program using feedparser just to see the difference in performance between the two for this purpose.  The results were surprising.  Python took about 2.8 seconds in real time and used significantly less system resources to do so.  Perl took ~11 seconds for the same feeds at roughly the same time.

I’m not writing this to be a knock against Perl; more likely the methods that I used to parse the RSS in Perl (and my general Perl programming skills?) are the issue.

Timings below.


real 0m2.868s
user 0m1.808s
sys 0m0.072s


real 0m11.016s
user 0m4.108s
sys 0m0.144s