When to Retire an Old Bookmark

I have an app that I use to manage my web bookmarks.  The app enables me to categorize bookmarks and use them cross-device, from anywhere (it’s hosted).  I’ve been using the application for several years and each time I click one of the bookmarks, that click gets recorded into a database.  As time goes by, the most popular bookmarks in each category rise to the top as they are used more and more.

However, this means that less popular bookmarks sink to the bottom.  In looking at the 76 bookmarks (only 76, seems like more) that I have in the list (and are active), there are some that I haven’t used in a year and one that I haven’t used in nearly two years.  So the question becomes when should I delete the bookmark or inactivate an unused bookmark?  I’m thinking that bookmark to a weather site that hasn’t been used since July 25, 2009 is a candidate to be inactivated.

For my own reference (filing this under “Useful Items that I Forget”) here’s the query that I ran:

select b.title,from_unixtime(max(p.dateclicked)) from p_bookmarks b, p_clickstats p where p.bmrkid = b.id and b.active = ‘1’ group by b.id order by from_unixtime(max(p.dateclicked)) desc;