Managing Web Design Projects


I’ve been working with some individuals who are new to the process of managing a web design project.  By “the process” I mean all of those elements that need to be thought out, discussed, (sometimes argued about), and decided with the end-user prior to the opening <html> tag being written.  Things like color scheme, navigational elements, the number of pages required, content areas, “what happens when someone clicks here”, SEO, header/footer elements, domain name, analytics/metrics, and so on.  While those elements can change, the business owner/end-user needs to be involved in many of these decisions early so as to save time and effort among all participants.

However, I’m struck by the surprise that people show when, or the first time, they have to manage a web project from start to finish.  What seems like a burden, “now they want to change this element to be smaller,” is really just a typical web design cycle.  I haven’t been involved in any web projects that didn’t involve changes.  One always hopes that the requested changes will come early and will be small things like changing the name of a menu item.  But even the early changes are leaving these individuals shaking their heads in disbelief.

I welcome them to the everyday life of someone who handles web design and architecture.  Managing the process of web design requires patience and flexibility.

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