Monthly Archives: March 2008

Windows Vista Domain Join Error “format of the specified network name is invalid”

I’ve been working with Windows Vista for a while and recently got an error when working with it in domain mode, that is, a Windows Server 2003 server domain. I had recently renamed the domain and was receiving an error like the “format of the specified network name is invalid”. After some troubleshooting I found it to be a DNS-related problem.

Specifically, the domain server couldn’t resolve its own hostname any longer and therefore was having problems which translated directly into the Vista PC not being able to join the domain.

Here’s the scenario: The Windows server was master for the domain and was also the DNS master authority for that same domain. Its hostname was and it was happily able to look itself up within its own zone file. I renamed the domain to using the Microsoft domain rename tool. However, the hostname of the server still remained

I ended up running tcpdump from my real DNS servers and noticed that when the Vista client attempted to join the domain that the client started sending out DNS queries for Obviously, since this domain didn’t exist any longer on the network, it couldn’t resolve the hostname and therefore the domain join failed. I went onto the Windows 2003 server and changed the hostname to After the required reboot (and why is a reboot required just to change the hostname?) the domain join worked perfectly.

Stargate: The Ark of Truth

The new Stargate movie, The Ark of Truth is out. Watching it makes me long for the series to still be in production.

The Ark of Truth continues the SG-1 versus the Ori plotline, actually bringing it to an apparent closure. The premise of The Ark of Truth is a search for an artifact that is reportly able to show the truth about the Ori. The key is for SG-1 to not only find the artifact but also to get one of the Priors to look at it. Along the way, SG-1 battles an enhanced Replicator which was brought on board the ship, actually produced on board, by an IOA agent.

For those among us who are fans of the Stargate series, both Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, the movie will not disappoint. It’s everything like the SG-1 you’ve come to love, sans Richard Dean Anderson, Don S. Davis, and other semi-regulars from the original series. The main difference I noticed was that everything was done bigger. Bigger music, bigger explosions, bigger sets, more like a movie than just a two-part episode.

Now if only there was a week between episodes instead of months. I just hope there’s another movie planned after Continuum.

Writing Something

I feel like writing something in my blog but I’m not sure what, so this is it. I thought there was something that I wanted to write today but now I forget what that something was. I thought maybe that by going to the blog and beginning to write that I might recall what it was that I thought to write. But now I’m realizing that I’m not remembering.

I’m working on a presentation which will be turned into a webcast. Nope, that wasn’t what I was going to write about here.

If I think of it I’ll come back and post again but chances are that I’ll forget that I forgot and so there won’t be a need to come back because I won’t remember what I forgot.