DTMF in Asterisk


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Had a small issue today with a GXP-2000 where Asterisk wasn’t correctly hearing the digits dialed for a user’s voicemail. It couldn’t pick up the username with a “Couldn’t read username” error when using sip set debug peer peername. Turned out that the settings had changed for that individual account for DTMF. Changing DTMF from “In-Audio” to “Via RTP” fixed it. I said it was a small issue, not an interesting one.

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I’ve been writing long enough where I recognize certain patterns to my writing. I’ve also been writing for a sufficient length of time to recognize that the previous sentence was really awkward. That one wasn’t much better. But this being a blog means that I can be less formal with the grammatically challenged sentences that I write. This soon-to-be-rambling post was originally meant to be about the common misspellings and mistypings that I make but […Read more…]

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Somehow it appears that the default editor got switched to Nano on the upgrade from Debian Sarge to Etch. At least I think it did. I would certainly remember having to use Nano before and would’ve been sufficiently annoyed to change that. I messed up a couple crontab entries, expecting to be editing with Vi but instead editing with Nano. Ouch. I caught it but it’s amazing how much habitual hitting ESC to switch between […Read more…]

Acrobat Updates


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While viewing a PDF, I was alerted that the Adobe Acrobat Reader software that I was using had an available update. I’m not really sure what the update does or why I would care, that wasn’t detailed, only that I should update using their update wizard. Gone are the days when upgrades only occurred because of new features. We’re now forced to upgrade and update simply in order for the software to work properly. I […Read more…]