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After writing sufficiently enough books, MySQL Bible, Linux Firewalls, Beginning Perl Web Development and contributing to other books and other articles, you start to get e-mails. Actually, after one book I was already getting e-mails for assistance. I’ve been contacted from all over the world by fine people who speak in their native language when corresponding. This has been great motivation for me to learn or at least pick up bits of several languages like German, French (ok, I had that since junior high), Spanish, and Portuguese.

If there is one country from which I receive the most e-mails it’s Brazil. I still receive e-mails from readers located in Brazil who are reading MySQL Bible which is now over five years old! That’s excellent. Just this week I received two e-mails from readers in Brazil in regards to the Linux Firewalls book. I enjoy these e-mails and I enjoy trying to help in any way I can. I hope to keep hearing from you, Brazil. Muito Obrigado!

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  1. Sérgio Cunha

    I am reading “Linux Firewall ” and I have one just thing to tell you: Thank you very much. Excellent book, I was surprised with the amount of information.


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