Monthly Archives: May 2007

Vi in Ubuntu

I’m a Vi bigot. Is that the first step towards recovery? I don’t know. I’m not sure if I need to recover. Anyway, I tried to use the arrow keys while within insert mode and I was getting various letters of the alphabet. This is fairly common, I know, but it caught me out while I was writing some JavaScript stuff tonight. Anyway, use :set nocompatible to get the arrow keys to work in the Ubuntu Vi and likely others too.

I actually set this up in my ~/.exrc too, since I’m too lazy to type :set nocompatible every time. I should probably post my .exrc here sometime too or somewhere on my web site. I think I have it under version control.

Logic Supply

fyi, for anyone looking for Mini ITX stuff, I’ve had great luck with Logic Supply. They ship quick, and the products I’ve ordered have been exactly what I expected. Now if I only had more time to work on the interfaces for some of the embedded/semi-embedded projects that I have in mind.