Monthly Archives: July 2006

New version of

A new version of the tool is available. I wrote the script to walk the /sys (sysfs) hierarchy looking for SCSI disks. The software does a udevinfo -a -p on things that it sees. It can print LUNs in hex too. It’s a work in progress but I welcome feedback and suggestions.

Presentation for OSCON

Those attending O’Reilly’s Open Source Convention later this month will be happy to know that I’m still diligently working on the presentation on the Linux kernel for system admins. The presentation is mostly ready but, as one would expect, it can always be revised. The rough layout will be something along the lines of:

-Discussion of different kernel types.
-Discussion of different variants of the kernel.
-Modular versus monolithic.
-Naughty vendors and their binary modules.
-Compiling a kernel, why you should and why you shouldn’t.
-Compiling a kernel, a high-level how to.
-Patching the kernel, why and how, from a high-level.

Been a Long Time

It’s been so long since I’ve posted on my blog that I’m frankly embarrassed. It’s time to clear off the cobwebs from the blog and post again. I’ve been busily doing a lot of things behind the scenes on the web server that hosts this site as well as some other servers.

I just returned from a trip to Europe. The trip was excellent though tiring with the time changes, eventually 9 hours ahead of my normal timezone. I couldn’t seem to catch up on sleep. On a side note, while I was in Sweden I was unable to find a new side mirror cover for my S60. I had hoped to do so since that’s where Volvos are produced. I’ll try to post some pics (from the trip, not of my Volvo).

I’m gearing up for the O’Reilly Open Source Convention in July. I’ll be giving a presentation geared towards system administrators about the Linux kernel. I hope to see you there!