Maureen’s Story

Lots of (bad) publicity for LinuxWorld over the weekend over a story posted by Maureen O’Gara on the web site. The story was refuted by Groklaw which then got Slashdotted .

The sad thing is that there was a discussion among the editors just a few weeks ago about Maureen’s material appearing so prominently on the web site and the problems with this story in particular. Nothing was done to correct the problem with that story at that time, unfortunately. Maureen isn’t one of the LWM editors and I don’t believe her stuff ever appears in the actual magazine, though there may be some briefs picked up by the publisher between some of their other titles.

Looks like something will be done now. Maureen’s material will no longer appear on the LWM web site. Hopefully readers will realize that Maureen isn’t part of the LinuxWorld magazine staff and our credibility can be repaired. Hopefully we’ll (the LWM editors) have an official announcement posted somewhere later today.

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