LinuxWorld Resignation

It is with some sadness that I’ve had to resign from LinuxWorld Magazine. Over the past nearly two years I’ve worked with a group of people with whom I’ve developed a great rapport and friendship. We were unpaid editors but we devoted a lot of time and energy to it nonetheless. It was a great experience for me and I look forward to other opportunities as they arise.

I may edit this post in the future and add more details.

17 thoughts on “LinuxWorld Resignation

  1. Ned Ulbricht

    Thanks for doing what you felt was right. That takes courage. I hope you have good luck with your new opportunities.

  2. Alan Williamson

    Steve, what can i say? Sadly i am not surprised at this, but i respect your decision. I had the pleasure of working with you at the start of the ride that was known as LinuxWorld. I am not in this game anymore and when I see things like this, i remember why i am out of the publishing business.

    Good luck Steve

  3. Fred Grott

    I am not surpised…

    I also redirectd my efforts away from any support of Syscon in eliminating my conributions to the current gorup led article on eclipse at wikieclipsepowered..

    A suggestion could the publication find a home at wikimedia…say at

    I know most of you agree with the license choosen its the GNU Documentation License

    In my own case I did choose to start an effort ot put up my own java artiles at so that I could have editorial and journalistic control..

  4. CyricZ

    You have shown a high degree of integrity. It is my wish that you will become an example of truth and honesty for all, especially my fellow moderators.

    People with significant power, whether they be magazine article authors or gaming forum message boards should realize the harm they can inflict on others with their words and actions. The moderators have been known to abuse people, but after seeing you and an example I sincerely hope they will amend their ways. Your integrity will inspire a generation of freedom-loving forum goers.

  5. Chris Kramer

    Thank you and your fellow editors that made this courageous stand – please work with your fellow (ex) editors to establish a magazine that upholds the standards that your former employer found so difficult to achieve.

  6. denis

    Let us know where you and Dee-Ann end up. You two have guaranteed subscriptions from me for whatever mag you end up at. I value honesty and integrity and feel that when I read an article from either of you in the future I can trust what I read.

  7. Whoa!

    Wow, resigned from a non-paying job – now thats standing on a principle…

    In other news, I just sent an IOU to Unicef…

  8. PsaltyDS

    Thank for standing up. Be sure we know where to find your articles outside of Sys-Con sites (where I, at least would never see them again). I’ll check in here to see what you are writing, but would need a link to wherever else you choose to publish.

  9. The Mad Hatter

    Your actions show a moral courage that’s all to rare in today’s world.
    Good luck in your future endeavors.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    I commend your integrity. Definitely let us know where you end up so I can subscribe.

    And as for Whoa! up there … if you’d ever worked in anything publishing-related, you’d know how important credentials are, even unpaid writing, for getting better (and paid!) positions. Yes, they did give up something significant.

  11. jamBeault

    Hello Steve,

    As I posted to James’ blog and mailed to both James and Dee-Ann:

    Please allow me to add my drop to your ocean of respect for your actions in the M O’G saga.

    No doubt you will be inundated with (in it’s numerous forms :-) Edmund Burke’s famous “Triumph of Evil” quote.

    I’ll just say, “Thank you.”

    Pax, slack, blessed be,


  12. Your Guys Future...

    I think you guys should seriously start a new magazine, devoted to Linux, but this time from a ethical community aspect. Devoted to the Business and User community…

  13. Philip Murphy

    I’d just like to thank you and the other ex-LinuxWorld senior editors for making such a brave and courageous decision.

    It is good to see that while there are and always will be journalists who put the story before all else, including ethics, there are others who maintain the ethical standards necessary to prevent the misuse of the media.

    As a media student myself, I know that it is easier and easier to simply ignore ethics. It’s something that requires moral strength and common decency. I am glad to see that in people like yourselves that people will defend ethical reporting and are prepared to make a stand for it.

    I hope that you will soon find alternative (and hopefully paid) employment. May I suggest as a potential publisher of your articles?


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