Monthly Archives: May 2005

LinuxWorld Resignation

It is with some sadness that I’ve had to resign from LinuxWorld Magazine. Over the past nearly two years I’ve worked with a group of people with whom I’ve developed a great rapport and friendship. We were unpaid editors but we devoted a lot of time and energy to it nonetheless. It was a great experience for me and I look forward to other opportunities as they arise.

I may edit this post in the future and add more details.

LinuxWorld DoS

Various people have been reporting a DoS against Sys-Con, the publisher of LinuxWorld, possibly due to something that happened this week. It does in fact appear that there was and is an ongoing DoS against Sys-Con sites.

Of course, the fact that there is a DoS doesn’t prove a correlation between the events of this week and the DoS. There certainly is no evidence that the OSS community is behind it. It could very well be anyone, including people who had their stories removed from the Sys-Con sites this week.